New Zealand: Auckland and Waiheke Island

Last week in New Zealand and I had planned to just hang around the city…. but the thing is that I really didn’t like Auckland. Maybe, after such beautiful, small and cozy little towns, Auckland just seemed to me just like many other big cities. It’s the economic capital and the most populous city with 1,507,700 habitants, which constitute 34% of the country’s population.


On my first two days there, I met a good old friend from back home that was going to the University in Auckland, and we went out for some party at an Irish Pub, since it was St Patrick’s day! 🙂 It was such a fun night and it felt so good to see a familiar face and chat in portuguese again. It felt weird, actually, but in a good way!

Happy St Patrick's day

Happy St Patrick’s day

The hostels in Auckland are more expensive than the other towns on the North Island and their quality is a lot worse. It made no sense to me staying there for 5 days, paying that much money in a place that I didn’t really like. So after I met, again, my friend from England, we convinced some other guys from the hostel to take an hour ride of a ferry boat and spend a couple of nights in Waiheke Island, which is the second-largest in the Hauraki Gulf, and besides the beautiful beaches, is also known as the “island of wine”.

Onetangi Beach

It couldn’t have been better way to spend those days! Well… except for the bed bugs we had to experience in our dorm, and had to spent our first night sleeping on the couch at the common area, the hostel was amazing! It was up on a hill (plus a 187 steps to go up!)  with an amazing view of Onetangi Beach (2.5 Km of beautiful white sand beach), walking distance from the vineyards, a very chilled atmosphere and they even had a huge barbecue on Friday night. There were a bunch of people from Spain and Argentina that were actually living at the hostel on their working holiday visa.

Waiheke: “the descending waters”

The island is not so small, you can easily take a bus or hitchhike around it. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the other parts, we’re happy to just walk along the beach nearby, chill at the hostel and drink wine all day long!

Peace out!

Peace out!

Back to Auckland, we had our last night out going in and out in different bars and pubs and on the next morning we all said goodbye. I still had one day to organize my things, get some souvenirs and look forward for my next flight to Hawaii!!!!

Last night out!

The “City of Sails”

The idea of leaving NZ is sad, because it’s definitely one of my favorite countries and the one that welcomed me the most! This country is pure magic and it was during my 40 days there that I grew the most: going through bad days and lots of happy ones, feeling lonely and making the best friends, overcoming physical challenges and sentimental issues. It’s okay to be leaving now, ’cause I know I’ll be back someday…!

See you soon New Zealand!


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