Australia: train to Sydney and the Blue Mountains

Flying from Brisbane to Sydney sounded much easier and almost the same price as the train ticket… but I though that 13 hours in a train would give me enough time to see the landscape, go through my thoughts, write a little and listen to go music. Sounded perfect to me! Well, by the end of the 8th hour I was already tired and the landscape that I had high expectation on was not that impressive and looked about the same for hours and hours.

Long train ride!

Long train ride!

When I arrived in Sydney, it was time to spend some quality time with other friends. I stayed at a friends’ house and it was so good to see them again after 3 years. We cooked together, had some wine and beer, had a barbecue with kangaroo meat, they showed me around and made me wanted to move to Sydney.

Nice shot during one of our evening walks around the neigborhood!

Nice shot during one of our evening walks around the neighborhood!

I loved the fact that everyday I had to take a ferry to go downtown, wich gave me nice views from the city, also the system is so organized and good that I could go everywhere with it. Sydney is the most populous city in Australia is worldwide famous for its Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Bondi and Manly beach. Loved it!

Walking acroos the Harbour Bridge

Walking across the Harbour Bridge

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Manly beach

Manly beach

During my week there, I got to walk a lot around the city, go to the beach and spend the days at the Blue Mountains. That was one of the highlights during my stay, I took an hour train to Kattomba station and from there walked to the mountains. The viewpoint is amazing and you can actually see why they’re called “blue”, it’s because the area is densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees and in combination with dust particles and water vapour, the rays of light appear to have a blue colour. I spent all day long hiking around the several trails in the park, surrounded by beautiful landscape, nature, waterfalls and fresh air.

Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains


Wild life... Classic!

Wild life… Classic!


So… my last week in Australia was over… it was 40 days in this beautiful and expensive country. It was my first month travelling alone, and the fact of having so good friends with me helped me a lot to stay strong and feel confident about my next stop: New Zealand!


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