Australia: Queensland… the sunshine state!

I’ve got stuck in Brisbane! Two days after I arrived there, the rain started… and kept going and going… for over a week!! It was a cyclone passing by and the Sunshine State was more like pouring rain state. Things got really messy during this period, the river tide in Brisbane got so high that  streets, restaurants and my friend’s garage got flooded.

Before... :)

Before… 🙂

After... :(

After… 😦

I was fortunate that I had two days to go sightseeing and then got to spend time at  my friend’s house and her lovely couch, we also had so much to talk about that we didn’t mind it for a while. It wasn’t long before I started felling bored and was missing travelling again and the first thing I did when the sun shined, I took an hour train to Gold Coast, the city visited by 10 million tourists every year. Famous for its surf, nice beaches and good party! I spent 3 days in Coolangatta which is a southern suburb. The place was very laid back, with a few tourists and a lot of surfers. I still could see the damage caused by the cyclone… the beach had huge waves and full of seagrass and the hostel had many broken windows. Apart from that, the place is gorgeous and the good weather encouraged me to walk until Tweed Heads, a neighbor suburb also popular for surf.



From there I took a bus to the most popular area of Gold Coast: the Surfers Paradise! Well… there not many surfers there, but the place is fun, full of people, many options of restaurants and bars. There, I met my friend again and we drove back to Brisbane. But before that, we got to drive around and watch a surf contest in Burleigh Heads.


Back in Brisbane, I got to see the Botanical Garden, walk along the South Bank Parklands and hang around on its artificial beach.  Also, there is big community of brazilian people who lives there and my friend and I got to go to a brazilian party to dance some “samba”, eat “feijoada” and drink “guaraná”! I felt just like home.

Downtown Brisbane

Downtown Brisbane

Beautiful evening...!

Beautiful evening…!

"the beach"

“the beach” in Brisbane

On the next week, I went north to Noosa Heads for a couple of days. The bus system around was incredible good, I travelled with Greyhound buses and it was very easy to buy it online and sometimes the driver even calls you to tell that they’re late! I was shocked.

Nossa Heads was so beautiful! I walked on the Coastal Track, surrounded by beautiful views and with pleasant shades provided by all the trees, in theory, full of Koalas, but I guess I wasn’t lucky, because I saw none  😦

Noosa Head Coastal track

Noosa Heads Coastal track

the view!

the view!

Well, time to say goodbye to my dear friend and move on the next stop in Australia: New South Wales state! Thank you, Dani, for everything… I’m so lucky to have friends like you!  Hope to see you soon back in Brazil!

Bye bye Brisbane!

Bye bye Brisbane!

some art...

some art…


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