Indonesia: The Magic of Bali

Wow! It’s been some time since my last post… it was so much going on and besides that, it wasn’t so easy to find I good internet connection to upload those great pictures!

We took a flight from Singapore to Jakarta… we knew already that Jakarta  would be a crazy and busy city but we wanted to check it out! It was such a bad plan, because it was holidays (Christmas and New Years season) and we couldn’t find seats available in any train to Bali! And also, we didn’t find the city very special and all we wanted was to be in Bali for Christmas! So… took another flight! It was the only, fastest and most expensive way… but totally worth it!


From Bali airport we took a taxi to Sanur, which is on the east coast of the island… it was okay there! The place we stayed at was very good value for the money (like most of hostels in Southeast Asia) and close to the beach. The beach was a little disappointing. We were expecting blue crystal water… but we didn’t see anything like that! I’m not sure if it was because of the rain and cloudy sky that the sea was dark and there were not many people around.


So we decided to take a bus to Ubud. In Indonesia there is a company that offers good and cheap transportation service, it’s called Perama, you can even give them a call and book your trip via phone, internet or just walk in one of their offices.

Ubud was more of what we expected of Bali. There is no beach, but there are huge rice fields, good food and nice atmosphere. It was there that we spend our Christmas, which it was nothing like our Christmas eve back home! Since the religion of people in Bali is Hindu, there is no Christmas for locals…. they do something small for tourists and that’s all.


We stayed close to the Monkey Forest and then moved to a homestay type of accomodation. Which was even cheaper and nicer! I definetly recomend staying in Homestays around Bali! The Monkey Forest was really fun to visit, there are monkeys all over the place and be careful if you have any food with you…. they’ll do anything to get them! 🙂

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest

It’s just nice to walk around the city and watch local people, walk around the market, eat delicious food and enjoy the view!

Street Market... beautiful wood carvings souvenirs!

Street Market… beautiful wood carving souvenirs!

Religious ceremony around the temple

Religious ceremony around the temple

During the ceremony...

During the ceremony…

Women carrying their offers to Gods...

Women carrying their offers to Gods…

Close to Ubud, it’s the Mount Batur, which is an active volcano with elevation of 1,7 km. We took a tour that goes all the way up on the volcano to watch the sunrise! It was not very easy to wake up a 4:30 AM to do some trekking, but I gotta tell you that the view is so amazing and it’s very worth it. The walk is quite steep but I could manage all the way up! 😛

We made it to the top!

We made it to the top!

Hot coffee... it's freezing up there!

Hot coffee… it’s freezing up there!

View from the top!

View from the top!

Going down...

Going down…

We left Bali to visit some other places around Indonesia, but we came back later on to take a flight out of the country. So we decided to spend our last days in Bali Island on famous Kuta. It’s a bigger city, with lots of parties, shops, the beach is not so nice, but perfect if you want to take a surf lesson!

Entrance to Kuta beach

Entrance to Kuta beach

On next post I’ll write about our crazy, relaxing and beautiful New Years on the Gilli Islands!


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