Singapore: Getting into Christmas spirit…!

Merry Christmas to you all! We were in Singapore just a week before it and I wrote this post while we’re there and ended up posting it today…!

We almost gave up on going to Singapore, due to its high accommodation and food prices! We actually had to go back to our European daily budget during our stay there! And I’d say it’s very worth it!

Five days in Singapore gave us perfect time to see everything we wanted with no hurry and also be able to spend some time chilling and planning where we would actually spend our Christmas and New Year. I’ll tell about it on the next post! 😉

Gosh... I just love big cities!!

Gosh… I just love big cities!

Well, the Republic of Singapore is an island country and one of the Four Asian Tigers. It’s a young country with many languages, cultures and religions. The place exhales wealthy and development.

When you get to know more about the country and places you’ll find out that it has some many “one of the biggest ones in the world” title:

  • World’s 4th leading financial center
  • One of the 5 busiest port in the world
  • 3rd highest per capita income in the world
  • 2nd freest economy in the world
  • one of the least corrupt countries in the world
  • 2nd biggest casino gambling market
  • one of top 3 oil refining center
  • world’s highest % of millionaires
  • 7th in the world for having the most motivated workforce
  • world’s largest oceanarium (recently opened)
  • world’s largest observation wheel (the Singapore Flyer)

Wow… I could go on for hours!

The famous building.. with an infinity pool and palm trees on top!

The famous building.. with an infinity pool and palm trees on top!

We stayed in the neighborhood called Little India, where you really feel like you’re in India! The community is formed by indian immigrants that went to Singapore to work and either build their lives there or support their family back home. We could say it’s a cozy area, because of all the small and collourful houses, restaurants, shops, street market and even the smell of spices on the streets is the same as India! There is a metro close by or you can easily walk to other main areas of Singapore.

About the Metro… you’d better get informed about the many fines you can get, such as not crossing the streets properly, drinking water or have any food in the metro, etc. The shops are even prohibited to sell bubble gum, because they want to keep the city clean

During our stay there we went to the business area on Marina bay to see the amazing skyline of the city. During the day is very impressive, but not as amazing as it is during the night! You feel so small when you walk around those giant buildings, we sat down to watch the light show that happens everyday at 8PM on Marina Bay. I felt like in Disney World!

Local singer performing at Marina Bay!

Local singer performing at Marina Bay!

Amazing light show!

Amazing light show!

The skyline at night is even more impressing!

The skyline at night is even more impressing!

Because it was a week before Christmas, the atmosphere of the city was full of joy! Specially when we walked around the Orchard Road, where all the fancy shops are… there were such a huge crowd of people shopping!

There’re kids playing around, ice cream cars on the walkways, christmas lights and music everywhere, street performances and so on.

Let's stimulate the economy! Christmas shopping!!

Let’s stimulate the economy! Christmas shopping!!

A street full of lights... Love Christmas!

A street full of lights… Love Christmas!

We walked through the China town and I found it disappointing. It was just a place for tourists to buy souvenirs. On every gift shop you can see a sign: “2 for $10”! It was not our thing at that moment.

On the other day we took a metro to the pier front where we walked through the Boardwalk take led us to the island called Sentosa. It is an island with attraction such as a long beach, golf courses, casino, resorts, a Universal Studios theme park, the world’s largest oceanarium, etc.

Sentosa... a resort island!

Sentosa… a resort island!

We spent the day there, o oceanarium is really impressive and very worth it to visit. Everything on the island is very expensive…. food, shopping and entrance fee to the attractions. We couldn’t believe when we saw the huge line of people aiming to pay $100 just to get in the Casino! wow!

The biggest aquarium in the world!

The biggest aquarium in the world!

On our first evening there, Wang our local friend that we met 6 months ago in the Netherlands, took us to a good and local place for dinner. It was a huge food court, where he could pick many local dishes so we could try them all! He also drove us around the city and shared some of his culture! Thanks Wang, we had a great evening!

People write their wishes for the new yars on white balls... and the boat takes them to the Marina Bay!!!

People write their wishes for 2013 on white balls… and the boat takes them to the Marina Bay!!!

It’s time to say goodbye to Singapore and start looking forward to our next 20 days in Indonesia! 🙂


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