Thailand: the eastern islands


Crossing to the east side of Thailand was an experience! We took a bus, then a ferry, then another bus and then a van to get to our destination. It’s pretty easy to travel around Thailand, they have a good system which they put stickers on your t-shirt, so they can organize the tourists when we change buses or get out of the boats.

About the eastern islands:
Koh Samui: is the second biggest island in the country and has a good infrastructure of resorts and restaurants, surrounded by nice beaches, mountains and waterfalls.


Relaxing at our budget resort!

We stayed 6 days in a resort up on the hill between the two longest beaches: Chaweng and Lamai. Chaweng area is the busiest one, the sea is not so great but there are a lot of nightlife and good deals of seafood restaurants. Lamai beach is a bit quieter, has many resorts and the sea is better! In the area, there is a night market, some restaurants and bars as well.

Boh Phut in Koh Samui

Boh Phut in Koh Samui

We rented a scooter to drive around the island… well not exactly around it because it’s so big! We spent one day up north, visiting Boh Phut fisher village, the beach and the Big Buddha pier, where there is a Buddhist temple and a huge Buddha statue.

The big Buddha

The big Buddha

Good luck for all of us!!

Good luck for all of us!!

I guess we'll have so much luck in our lives! ;)

I guess we’ll have so much luck in our lives! 😉

Between Chaweng and Lamai beach there is the Silver Beach….which is a short and reserved beach with very crystal clear water and white sand! It’s the best on the island!!

Relaxing in Silver beach

Relaxing in Silver beach

Koh Phangan: we spent an hour on a boat that took us to this island. This is where one of the world’s biggest party happens: the Full Moon Party.

The island itself is nice, but there is no much infrastructure and the roads are not so easy to drive around.
We stayed at bugalow by a beach on the north of the island. The atmosphere was very relaxing, with very few people around and a beautiful sunset every day!

The bungalows!

The bungalows!

Everyday in Koh Phangan the sunset was a surprise!

Everyday the sunset was a surprise!



Just another day...

Just another day…

On the week of the party, the island can get very very busy with drunk tourists all around Haddrin pier. There are parties everyday on this week: Pool party, waterfall party, jungle party and so on. The full moon party is huge! It’s cool to see people from all over the world painting themselves with neon paint so they can glow all night! 🙂

There are many tents with different kinds of music, a rope on fire that you can try to jump and hopefully not get burned, slider to play around, buckets, buckets and more buckets!


Some people rather stay in Koh Samui to avoid all the craziness and take a boat to Koh Phangan only for the party and then come back! There are speed boats that take people back and forward all night.
So… I guess this island surrounded of white sandy beaches and crystal clear water can please pretty much all tastes… From relaxation around nature to crazy party everyday!

Koh Tao: This is the smallest island and the most gorgeous one. There is only 7.000 habitants living there and it’s all about gorgeous beaches and chill out places!

There are scuba diving schools all around the island and it’s definitely the best and cheapest place if you’re interested on getting your PADI certificate. It’s unbelievable to see all tourists walking around with diving equipment, PADI books, snorkeling gears…
We stayed at a dive resort at Sairee beach. It was a great deal with perfect location. Maybe it was because it wasn’t high season yet, but we found the atmosphere of the island was very chill out. There are a few bars with live music and fire show by Sairee beach and good barbecue restaurants.
We rented a scooter to drive around the island, which was nice but risky! Some roads are not paved and really hard to go through. So be carefull!
On the south of the island there os a small beach called Freedom beach that has the most clear wather I’ve ever seen! There are many trees so tou don’t have to worry about shades.


Freedom Beach

Other great place to do some snorkeling and enjoy an amazing view is the Moondance Magic View Bungalows! They give you snorkeling gear for free and we were able to see so many types of fishes! After that sat at their bar for a fruit shake at and enjoy the amazing view.


‘Cause we deserve it!!!

It’s too bad we felt really sick for a couple pf days… So we didn’t get to see more! But Koh Tao is definitely our favorite island in Thailand!


Luck and prosperity!!

Wow… and now, after 48 days on this beautiful country, it’s time to say goodbye… We’ll fly back to Bangkok to get a flight to somewhere else! No plans so far…


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