Thailand: the capital of smiles!

Welcome to Thailand!


Leaving India felt like we’ve completed an important part of our trip and a totally different one was about to start! Since we got in Thailand, so many things have happened that I couldn’t focus on new posts…then I realized that it’s been over a month! Wow… I have a lot to write about, so I’ve decided to share the highlights of this past month on the next two posts!

First that are some impressions I’d like to share:

–  Thai people are the most friendly people ever…. they smile so much, they never seem angry or stressed, they talk like they’re singing and all that contaminates you!!

just smile… 🙂

–  The food is the best! I always though people exaggerated when they talked about Thai food…. but know I understand! There are so many types of dishes and delicious and cheap seafood!! Well, I have to say that the only downside of it is that a big part of the dishes are fried… which after 1 month your stomach start to feel it…

The best street food!!

The best street food!!

– The accommodation deals are unbelievable… we could afford to stay in front sea resorts in almost every place we’ve been for the half of the price we’re paying to stay in a dorm in Europe!

– When you come here for holidays, you can find anything: from parties every night to relaxing private beaches. The downside of it is, since it’s a holiday place, you mainly meet foreigners… and it’s hard to meet locals.

– Ahh…and get as many massages as possible! 🙂

Well… now about the places:

Bangkok is the capital city and is the most populous in Thailand. We stayed at a really nice hostel close to Silom road, which is more a business and shopping area than a touristic one. As you walk on the streets you see so many massage places and all the women offering “masaaaaage”!


A must go is the Gran Palace Complex, which has amazing temples and impressive buildings! It’s not so cheap to get in, but it’s totally worth it! And don’t trust people around that area that try to tell you that it’s closed… they are just trying to take you on their tuk tuks to some other place! The other day we visited the Golden Buddha temple, which is a massive Buddha made of gold, 3 meters high and weights 5.5 tons…. it’s estimated to be worth $250 million dollars! Right beside it, there is the China town! We walked around there and had really tasty food! 😉

The Gran Palace Complex! Amazing!!!

The Gran Palace Complex! Amazing!!!

The Golden Buddha!

The Golden Buddha!

China Town

China Town

There is also a night life on Silom Road with bars, clubs, strip clubs and night market. We can say we experienced some fun and funny “classic” stuff…such as Ping Pong show ( yeap!!), a muay thai fight, bar with pole dancers and the Sky Bar (a bar on the top of the tallest building in the town – very expensive, but since you don’t pay to get in, you can just go to enjoy the view!! And be sure you have closed toe shoes on!)

Sky Bar... the best view of Bangkok!

Sky Bar… the best view of Bangkok!

We also met my Thai friend that I haven’t had seen for 10 years! She took us for dinner, to a night market at Siam Square and then to see some more of Bangkok’s night life! We went to Khao San Road and it’s just like on the movie “Hangover 2”! The street is full of bars, clubs, shops and tattoo places, tourists drinking and dancing everywhere! We sat at a great bar with some typical live music! It was a lot of fun! Thanks Ling for the lovely evening!



Phuket: It’s an island on the west coast of Thailand  which was affected by a Tsunami on 2004, caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake. I didn’t really get to know much of Phuket… I was in Patong beach (the busiest one) for 3 days only and I mainly spent time at the beach, walked around, went to some crazy and funny bars with cool people from the hostel!

Patong night life!

Patong night life!

buckets... that's the way to party!

buckets… that’s the way to party!

I know there a many quieter places in the island, but I guess it was interesting to see the crowd of tourists from all over the world looking for a good time. From Phuket you can also go on a day trip to Phi Phi Islands, which is supposed to be amazing! It’s a shame, I know.. but I didn’t make it there! 😦

A shot from what I've missed in Phi Phi... by Edu Ferraz

A shot from what I’ve missed in Phi Phi… by Edu Ferraz

In one of the nights there, a Thai girl from the hostel took us to some Vegetarian food festival and she explained that it was its last day and it was supposed to be a big party with fireworks and all….! Well… As we got there we saw no veggie food at all, but lot of people on the street, dressed in white and playing with fireworks and small bombs… The sound of it was soooo loud! By the end of the night there were so much noise and ashes on the air that we felt exhausted and went back to the hostel for some cold beer! 🙂

Vegetarian Food Festival in Phuket

Vegetarian Food Festival in Phuket

Koh Lanta: this is a quiet island of Krabi province with white sandy beaches and plenty of forest. The island have a very relaxed atmosphere! We’ve met many tourists, restaurants and school dive owners from Sweden and Germany! I guess it’s a good place to live if you’re looking for a relaxed and simple life.

We rented a scooter for a couple of days to drive around and specially to get to a walking path that leads to a waterfall (which was more water drops than a waterfall! rsrs). You can also reach the waterfall by riding an elephant, but we didn’t think it was worth it and the elephants looked so sad that we passed it…

Filling up the tank of our scooter!

Filling up the tank of our scooter!


Elephant trekking! … Classic!

We stayed at a nice resort by the beach on the north of the island, very close to Saladan village, where you can find many seafood restaurants where you can choose from their market, which fish you want to be grilled for you. We also went scuba diving in a place called Koh Ha and it was the best place ever! We saw so many different kinds of fishes, so many colorful corals and even got into  cave… absolutely beautiful!

Pool on our budget resort... not bad! ;)

Pool on our budget resort… not bad! 😉

Well… it’s time now to cross the country in a mini bus to get to the eastern islands of Thailand!!


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