India: New Delhi

“Welcome to incredible India!”. That’s the sign we saw as we landed at New Delhi’s airport.It was a long way to get here: from Luxor we took a night train to Cairo, then from Cairo we flew to Kuwait, spent 5 hours there and then got an overnight flight to New Delhi. After more than 48 hours without proper sleep we were exhausted!

Great thing we had a pick up guy waiting for us! Driving through the city at 6 AM was nice and not so hot, but at some point we reached a really messy, dirty and dodge street… suddenly, the guy just stop the car and said: “hotel is here!”
Well we found out later on that the hotel was located at Main Bazar street, a very busy, crazy and typical place.
The hotel was dirty and the staff was very unfriendly! Bad bad bad! Good thing it was only for one night!

Main Bazar street

On the next day we went on a walking tour provided by Salaam Baalak Trust (charity foundation for street children) around Main Bazar. We mainly walked around the area, through little alleys and discovering places that has been hidden by dirty and poverty.
In the end of the tour Noor (our guide) took us to the kid’s shelter to meet the former street children that were living there. As we got in the room a little boy came to me and started playing a clap game, another came to Edu and started some other game. After 3 minutes the kids were all around us, jumping, playing around and trying to speak english with us!
It was very cool to get to know the program and listen Noor’s real life story, why he ran away from home, how he got to the shelter and so on. It’s a nice work Salaam Baalak is doing!

After that we went on our third Couchsurfing experience. It was a good experience, we spent some time chatting, he gave us some good tips for our trip and also arranged a meeting with some other couchsurfers at a really nice village called Hauz Khas.

The Hauz Khas complex  has such a nice atmosphere, there are many restaurants, stores and a park to walk around. We went at Kunzum Travel Cafe, which was different from what we’re used to. They only serve coffee and tea and they don’t charge for it, you can pay as much as you want for it by making a donation (which we forgot on our way out…oopss!) It felt great being away from the craziness of the city and enjoy a nice evening there!

Hauz Khas Complex

We went to the Red Fort, which was nice to spend some time walking around there since it was calm and quiet inside. The fort is a massive place with nice architecture and green grass all around, should be more well maintained thou. We also walked around the Old Delhi, throught the Market street (which was crazy, noisy, dirty and well…. I almost got hit by a tuk tuk. We had lunch at Karim’s restaurant which is a traditional and crowded place. Their chicken tandoor was really tasty!

The Red Fort

Craziness at Market street

The other day we visited the Indian Gate and walked around the city center trying to find a post office to ship some stuff home.
Three days was enough for Delhi… It was intense, noisy and interesting place. But I guess after that we need a small town to leave the big city’s stress behind!

Indian Gate

Next stop: relaxation at Mc Leod Ganj!!


2 thoughts on “India: New Delhi

  1. Fico tão animada lendo cada post que dá vontade de não terminar nunca de ler!! É muito bom poder participar um pouquinho da viagem de vcs mesmo que de tão longe… E está cada vez melhor esse blog! Muito bem escrito, prende muito a atenção!! Saudades!!!

    • Obrigada Jo! Até o fim da viagem ainda dá pra melhorar bastante rsrs! Estamos adorabdo muito!! Você podia ir nos encontrar neh!? Ehehe! Saudades tbém! Bjao

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