Greece: Naxos and Paros


We had a warm welcoming in Naxos. George from Windmill Aparments went to the port to pick us up!
There aren’t many hostels in the Greek islands, the most popular accomodation is small apartments, which is good to have your own kitchen and more privacy but hard to meet people!
Naxos is the largest and most fertile of Cyclades Islands. Its economy is based on agriculture and tourism.
(remnant of Apollo temple by The port: great spot for the sunset)
There are lot of nice and crystal water beaches, and I know it’s a shame but we’re kind of tired of beaches! So we mainly spend our days visiting many traditional villages and sighseeing around the island.
Too bad we’re not able to rent a scooter ’cause they dind’t accept our brazillian drivers license! What a pitty!
Anyways, we got ourselves around by taking buses to the villages! It takes a little longer but it works!
We visited Halki, a very small village whit some paths to walk around beautiful landscapes with neo-classical houses and Byzantine churches.

We also visited Apiranthos, a village on the top of a hill! It’s the most charming village with restaurants and houses made of fine marble! Even the streets are made of marble!


The view from the village is amazing and it’s also very windy! We’re freezing cold by the end of the day! So… Don’t forget to take a jacket with you!
On the other day we went on a 2 hours bus ride to Apollon, a village north of the island where they have a Kouros, a huge statue of Apollo. But that’s it! There is a very small beach with big waves and lots of restaurant!


We’re disappointed with the food thought…since it was a fisher village we expected the seafood to be good and cheap! But nope, same price as the other places! So nothing really special there!
Next day we took the ferry to Paros!
Paros is also part of Cycladed Islands and it’s famous for the nice beaches, and abandoned marble quarries and mines. Good place to relax!

There, we’re finally able to rent a scooter (a crappy one)! Well…we had fun going up and down the hills…speacially up when I had to get off the bike so Edu could drive it up to the hills!

The place we stayed had a shared kitchen, which was great since we got to meet really cool people while cooking! We stayed up late at night chatting, having some local wine and enjoying the nice view from the terrace with a full moon behind!
On our last day in the island we took a quick ferry to Antiparos, a small island very close to Paros! The ferry goes back ad forward all day long.

Antiparos was so calm… We visited some beaches…very quiet ones!

Mainly, Paros was a great island to relax and enjoy the beach since it was our last for some time from now on.
Heading to greek mainland now…going to Piraueus (Athens) just to get the train to Meteora!



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