Greece: Rhodes and Santorini


Wow…I’ll definetly miss Turkey!
So… from Fethiye we took a ferry to Rhodes. We didn’t really plan to go there, but since it was the easiest way to get in Greece…we took the ferry!

Great thing we did it! We’re really surprised of how nice it is! Despite of it being crowded of tourists, the Old Town is amazing and we could really imagine how it was back in medieval time!

Rhodes is located on the Aegean Sea and it’s very close to Turkey’s land. Historically it was famous for the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. And today, the medieval Old Town is considered a World Heritage Site.

Rhodes Old Town main square

So after finding a place to stay (thanks to our friend Tony we’ve met in Istanbul), we enjoyed 2 days in this island!


We walked around the old town and went to the beach close by! Funny thing…they had a kind of trampoline in the middle of the sea! How cool is that!?


After some confusion with the timetable of the ferries which changes everyday, we managed to get a ticket to Santorini. I wished we had spent some more time in Rhodes, there is a lot to see there!
The ferry to Santorini was supposed to take 12 hours, but guess what? It took 17 hours! Yeap! Longer than our flight from Brazil!


The long trip to Santorini

Totally worthed, it was awesome! Santorini is a gorgeous volcanic island, famous for its beautiful landscapes, black sandy beaches, active volcano and perfect sunsets!

The adventure already starts on the way up to the town from the port! The view is amazing and  the road that goes up tp the island is very narrow and in a zigzag shape! It was kind of scary to watch the bus driver on the way!

The zigzag road!

We stayed in Perissa beach, you mainly see tourists around but the beach is a nice place to relax. There are many bars and restaurants that rent you chairs and umbrellas.


Black sandy Perissa Beach

We took a boat tour to the volcano island, then to a hot spring place (the feeling of swimming in a muddy and warm water was weird), and then to other island were there is a traditional village, seafood restaurants and places to swim in the transparent crystal water!


View from the volcano!

View of the village: Thirasia

After that, we went to Oia for the sunset, it is a famous spot but it wasn’t a good experience. You had to fight for a place with a view of the sun, and after it you couldn’t move through the narrows streets!
PS: Butterfly Valley is totally wining on sunset matters!

Oia Sunset 🙂

After Oia Sunset! 😦

We also took a local bus to Fira! It is really nice to see all the white and blue houses so close to each other! The place is full of restaurants and shops.


Great sunset at Fira

On the other day we took a local bus to a village called Pyrgos, it is the highest village in the island, and you can have an amazing panoramic view!
Very close to the village there is a winery called Santo Winery. Unfortunately we’re not able to visit it because it was during fermentation period, but we got to do the wine tasting, for a fair price and with and amazing view! Perfect!
Now it’s time to take the ferry again…heading to Naxos!



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    • Thank you so much for the tip! Unfortunatly we already have our 2 next destinations booked: Egypt and India! I guess we won’t make it this time! 😃

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