Turkey: The Mediterranean Sea

After a long bus ride, we finally got to Antalya. From Antalya we took two more buses to arrive in Olympos.

It’s amazing how the bus system in Turkey is organized! Even when they don’t speak any English they’re able to help you and take you to the right bus!

Olympos is a very small village by the Mediterranean sea with a beautiful beach, Roman ruins and flames that mysteriously burn from the side of a mountain.
Since the place is under protection, no permanent construction is allowed, except for the tree houses! All the guesthouses or pansyons have bangalos made of wood!

So, we mostly relaxed by the beach and spent some time at the chill out area at the hostel! We met really cool people from England and Australia!

We had a great time, played some card games, had some cold beer and tequila, went out to a weird but fun bar and the best part… Went to the beach at night!
In the sea, there are plankton that shine when you move into the water! It’s amazing and absolutely beautiful! Yeap, we had fun!

Butterfly Valley:
From Olympos we headed to Butterfly valley, we had to take 4 buses and 1 boat to get there! It was a long way but totally worth!

Butterfly Valley is a large canyon and its considered one of the most picturesque and beautiful place in Turkey!
By the time we were arriving in the valley the sunset was happening! It was the most beautiful moment ever!

As we left the boat, we found out that the hotel we had booked was up on the valley… and it was impossible to go up there with our backpacks!
Luckly there was a camping/pension, a very hippie place, were we could stay in a bangalo…a windowless, doorless bangalo! It was really cool! No electricity in the rooms as well!

The sea water was the most blue and clear I’ve ever seen! So, thinking of enjoying it as much as possible, we went scuba diving! Amazing!!

After 3 amazing sunsets and 3 beautiful days without proper shower we decided we needed some civilization!


We spent 2 days in Fethiye…just relaxing in an air-conditioned room and getting stuff ready to take the ferry to Rhodes, Greece!!!


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