Turkey: Cappadocia

Arriving in Goreme, Cappadocia at 5 AM was just amazing! As the bus gets closer to the city you can see the sunrise with all the hot air ballon up in the sky! Just beautiful!
Cappadocia is known for its moon-like landscape, underground cities and houses carved in the rocks. During the Roman Era the area and its underground cities was a shelter for the early escaping Christians.
We stayed in a cave hostel in Goreme which was really cool! I mean cool because inside the rocks you don’t feel the 40 celsius degree heat! 🙂
On the first day we mostly did some hiking throuth the Red, Rose and Love Valley and Open Air Museum! If you stay on Goreme, you can do all these trails without a tour… You just gotta walk around (I mean, walk a lot!) and enjoy the amazing view!

On the next two days we rented a scooter to drive around the other villages! The roads are okay and you can find your way with help from the small map they give you or by asking local people!
So we visited Kaymakly (the underground city), drove trouth villages and spent some time in Avanos, famous for pottery! There is a river there and many many pottery shops!

We got invited from one man to visit his shop and watch him doing some pottery! And he actually let us try to do some ourselves! Really fun!

So he invited us for a Turkish coffee and we stay for a while chatting with him… He gave us a small gift and said “if you have a turkish coffee with someone, you remain friends for 40 years!” So…new Turkish friend!

On the other day we rented again the scooter and went all the way to Ihlara Valley! Very beautiful as well! It was nice to see some green vegetation and walk along the river! I was getting tired to the stone or moon-like landscape! Rsrs
Besides all the sighseeing, we also had some time to spend by the swiming pool at the hostel!
And for those that are asking theirselves about the hot air balloon tour…we didnd’t do it! I’m sure it’s pretty amazing, but after giving it some thouth, we decided to keep this money to do something else…scuba diving in Thailand perhaps!
So it’s time again to take the night bus… 10 hours drive to Olympos!


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