Our plan is to spend more or less 20 days in Turkey! We spent 4 night in Istanbul.

Istanbul is so amazing! It’s is the largest city in Turkey, and it’s the only city in the world that has land in two different continents…there is the European side and also the Asian part!



We stayed at a really nice hostel, where we met many nice people…also a couple from New Zealand that was doing a Round the World Trip! Cool people!

So, besides all the fun of being in Turkey, we’re also having the experience to be here in Ramadan time! People really don’t eat and drink during daytime…even if it’s 40-Celsius degrees!

We walked around a lot! Visited the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, Galata Tower, Basílica cistern, the Gran Bazar…everywhere is full of tourists and many Turkish people on the streets!


They have a tradition to drink tea all the time… yeap! No beer at bars… they sit around to drink tea! Really good tea by the way!


Can I ship everything home?

One special thing to do is to go to Sultan Hamed area on the evening for the sunset…many Turkish families stay there with food for picnic just waiting for the Sun to go down so they can eat! Amazing!!!


Almost time to eat…

We also went to de Prince’s Island. There we could get refreshed getting into the water from the Marmara Sea. We took a ferry that takes people to four of the Islands…they say the fourth one is the biggest one and the most touristic. Of course, we didn’t go there… because we stop on the third island called Burgazada. There is a national park there you can choose a trail and go down to a kind of private beach…really cool place! They even had tables for picnic in front of an amazing view of the city on the other side of the sea.


On the way back to Istanbul we stopped on the first island, called Büyükada. It’s a small village, with a little bit more of infrastructure to enjoy the beach! Many Turkish tourists there!

On our last day we took another ferry that took us on the Asian side of Istanbul! You can see the difference from European side very clear! More modern and high buildings!

There we went all the way up to Çamlica Hill, where you can have a great view of the city and have a good and cheap tea!


Our favorite restaurant close to the Galata Tower!

So…Istanbul is a very special city, amazing and really helpful people, excellent food and very hot in the Summer!!

Now, we’ll take the night bus to Safranbolu. It’s a city around 400 km northern of Istanbul!


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