Poland: Baltic Sea

Our first and maybe only trip by car! We were driving around Poland with Edu’s cousin and her husband for 10 days, visiting the Baltic Sea coast.

The first stop was in Gdynia, where we stayed for 4 days. We mainly drove to many beaches and villages around which were really nice.


Beautiful sunset!

Sopot: it was nice and very touristic place for Polish people, we didn’t spend any time by the beach there, but we walked around the city Center, the harbor, had the most expensive coffee and also had a funny dinner with life music and people dancing around! And Yes…it was very funny to see the band singing Michel Telo! Haha


Amazing company!

In one of the days we drove to some beach at Hel Peninsula…they have some quiet beaches were you can relax and enjoy the sunset! In the villages around you can always get some fresh typical fish with potatoes.

We also drove to this park called Słowiński National Park, where you can walk some kilometers and get to a place full of Dunes! It’s very beautiful! Close to this park, it is a nice city with good beaches called Leba! Very nice one as well!

One of the evenings we went to visit Gdansk! There is a really nice old town and we really loved it… we regretted that we could not spend some more days there…too bad we already had reservations in Kolobrzeg.


Old town Gdansk!!

In Kolobrzeg we rented a flat and it was nice to relax and also visit some more beaches and villages around!

The coolest thing on this trip was that you could see mainly polish tourists and you could really see how it really is! Polish people are so nice and friendly… even if some people didn’t speak English it was just fine to get around, with exception of one day that we had no clue of what was written on the Menu and Edu ended up having Nutella pancakes with French fries!


Fun in the sun! Loved Polska!

All part of the fun! So now we’ll drive back to Berlin to catch a flight to Istanbul!!!


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