Germany: Berlim

Berlin! It’s been 2 years ago we were here and everything looked very different… Yeap, it was winter! Everything was looking gray and full of snow…and now the sky is blue, the grass is green and you can actually walk around without freeze!!

We decided to include Berlim again so we could spend some days at Edu’s cousins house and get to now more about the city!
So…Berlim is a awesome city! You can breath history everywhere, there are so much diversity of people, so much to discover in every area and the city feels really alive because of all the constructions everywhere!

We walked around during those days, visited Brandenburg Gate, Alexander platz, and some nice neighborhoods…in one of the we visit Tacheles Galery, which is located at Oranienburger Strasse. Tacheles is an huge art center, with walls all covered with graffiti.
Around this place you can see many nice bars and restaurants, many people walking around! It was a great way to spend an evening there!

Tacheles Galerie

Walking in one other neighborhood, we found this very cool place, an open air bar, with lot of graffiti on the walls, a climbing wall, a skate court, cool music and interesting people!

We decided to go back there to see how it was at night! No wonder, it was even cooler! Rsrs! Much more people, candle lights, and there were a kind of disco going on! It was super fun!

BIKE BAR!! How cool is that?

So, Berlim is one city that I definitely would come back!

Now…it’s time to get ready to drive to Poland and enjoy the Baltic Sea for 10 days!



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