Germany: Hamburg and Hannover

It’s my third time in this country and I would come back many more!!
Edu and I always had this special feeling about Germany… it’s hard to explain exactly why, but it seems that we fit here! The german way of thinking, the way they are well organized, the history you can see all around and off course, the not so nice weather make this country so special!
We arrived on Hamburg and stayed there for 3 days. It’s a big city but you can’t really feel that…it’s nice and cozy everywhere!
So we did a lot of sightseeing, walked along the harbor, went to some local fairs, some alternative neighborhoods, rode bikes all the time!
TIP: they have many spots all over the city where you can get a bike by registration your credit card, and if you return it in less than 30 minutes it’s for free! So guess what… Every thirty minutes we were changing the bikes!
We could have stayed there for some more days, but we already had train tickets to Hannover!
For the ones that have met Solveig, we were at her house visiting! For the ones that don’t know her, we met through Rotary Exchange student program… she went to Brazil and I went to Germany back in 2005.
It was so great to see her again and spend such a nice and fun time with her and her boyfriend.
We read in a tour guide that Hannover is not really the best city to visit, and people just end up there when they don’t have many options left… Not true! We enjoyed it a lot!
Solveig took us around, we visited a castle, we spend the day at Celle (nice town close by), took us for a great evening with her parents and grandmother, had some wine together, went to a karaoke with some funny friends, cooked us nice dinners!

We also went to Kleine Festival at this nice garden. It’s an art festival where people just show their talents all over the garden…dance, plays, magic, music, comedy shows! Everything in an awesome atmosphere… With people doing picnic everywhere, beatiful sunset, cool foreworks at the end!

ImageSo Solveig and Christoph thank you so much for everything, to open your house and to share your culture with us! We loved it! Solveig always keep shining with this happiness you have inside you!!
So… Done for now, but not done with Germany…
Next stop: Berlim!


5 thoughts on “Germany: Hamburg and Hannover

    • Hello Debora!

      I’m happy to hear that you liked my picture! Hannover was a nice place to visit.
      Yes, you can use it in your blog, and it’ll be bery nice if you can mention my blog on it! Let’s share our work! šŸ™‚
      Good luck and a very happy new year!

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