The Netherlands

We’re just so happy for the 12 days spent in this country!

So…started in Maastricht a lovely and nice city in south of the Netherlands! But….a little bit expensive for our budget! There were not many options of hostels and the ones that were available were charging to much!

We’ve decided that 1 day was really enough there…and while searching for some other city to go….we found Rotterdam! Yeap, Rotterdam!! It wasn’t our plan and also many people had told us that was nothing much there besides nice and modern architecture. But guys… you were wrong! It happened that we loved the city, the atmosphere, the people, and of course… the bicycles all around!

In one of the 3 days we spent there, we took a waterbus to a nice village called Kinderdjik, where there is the largest concentration of old windmills in the Netherlands built around 1740. Over there we had a nice picnic with the sun shinning over our heads and peace all around! 🙂

Unesco heritage site!

Next stop… Delft: my favorite town in the Netherlands! Much of the Dutch history is there, such as, the painter Veermer, the Dutch Royal family and the house of Orange-Nassau.


We stayed there for 3 days…walked around, met many cool people at the hostel, Edu had his haircut (rsrs) and rented bikes! There was this big park with an artificial beach…where many people were in the water, laying in the sun and relaxing, people didn’t seem to care that it was only 22 Celsius degrees! Arrrgghhh!!

a bike ride!

the “beach”!

So thinking of “leaving the best for last”, we headed to Amsterdam! I’m still not sure about this city… it can be because of the time of the year, but there were tourists everywhere! Everything was crowded and busy! Well, what else could we expect?

It’s so amazing how this city never stops… there’s bars, restaurants and coffee shops everywhere! Walking on the Red Light District, it’s really funny and interesting how many different people you see, crazy ones, drunk ones, old couples, families, lots of teenagers partying! So much diversity and interesting things to see!!

About our hostel experience… well, we weren’t expecting much already but after our first night we realized that we’ll get no sleep on the next 3 nights! There was a coffee shop under the hostel, there was a disco right in front of it…noisy noisy noisy! Anyways it was fun!

During one night there a Brazilian guy woke us up saying that he was going to die!! Yeap, he was rolling all over the floor saying that he wanted to go to the hospital! Well, he had some “space cake” whatever that is and he was going to die! We calmed him down…and on the next day he was so embarrassed! Poor thing…

In overall, we loved the Netherlands and spent awesome days there! It’s so impressive of how Dutch people are nice and happy! Every one that we’ve talked to was so nice and willing to helping us or giving any information! And very important thing, everybody speaks English! We mean…everybody!! Great thing, since it would be impossible to understand anything in Dutch….aahh such a hard language! Well…we just loved it!


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