Second week already? Just wanna do a parentheses here: I’ll try to post in English from now on, so the friends that we meet along the way can also follow us!

Brussels…the capital of Belgium, Flanders an Europe!

So what to say about Belgium…first Brussels, as a first impression it can remind us of Sao Paulo, it is kind of big and busy city, not very nice and clean as London, off course! But as our Belgium couchsurfing hosts said: it takes some time until you discover its beauty! And they were absolutely right!

We stayed in Brussels for 3 days…which means lot of sightseeing, not so good weather and off course nice beers and waffles!!  By the second day, we started to fell the city a bit cozier and understand that the Belgium people are shy and very very polite!


On our third day….we took the train to our second experience on Couchsurfing! Another great one!!! It was a couple from Tienen, a nice and small city that different from Brussels, speak Dutch! They were really really nice and took their weekend to drive us around some other cities and villages around, such as Ghent and Leuven which were really really nice, where we could get a different and nice impression and feeling about Belgium.


Ghent…nice nice nice!!!

Leuven…Unesco Heritage site!

Again…Couchsurfing can sound a bit crazy for he ones that never tried, but we have to say that if it wasn’t because of this Phillipe and Jill, we would never ever go to some small villages, never ever have the same impression of this nice and special country! “Thanks guys, it was awesome!”

Now, heading to Maastricht in the Netherlands! Wait for next post….should be interesting!!!



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